Summer 2020 Resort Need-to-knows

Packing Checklist



-Dish Soap




-Dish Towels

-Bath Towels

-Bath Soaps

-Water Toys

-Coffee Filters


-Positive Attitude

-A Smile!

        Hello everyone! As we are heading into a new summer season full of fun and family time.  Please take these changes into consideration while you're packing and planning for your stay at Beauty Bay Lodge!  We are all in this together, please reach out with any questions you may have.  There will be some changes to your packing list and we have provided a small checklist for you to the left.  If you need cookware check with Tim or Jenny upon arrival.

        Some of the major changes for the new season include; the lodge, boat house, and relief room buildings will be closed to public use.  Most normal services (ie. pizza, soda, ice cream, popcorn, etc.) will still be available.  Our weekly fish fry will unfortunately be cancelled until further notice.  The fish cleaning shack will have no more than 2 people in it at any one time.

        At the end of your stay, this season, we kindly ask that you remove your bedding from your cabin bring it to the Lady Slipper and drop them into their designated bins.  If you need help finding the Lady Slipper- Ask Tim or Jenny.  Prior to leaving we ask you to please fill your sink with hot soapy water and put ALL dishes in.

        Last but not least, all of us at Beauty Bay Lodge, want to thank you and your families so much for your continued help and support through this difficult and trying time.  We look forward to seeing you here soon!!!